First day we landed Heathrow 10 a.m., got to hotel, dropped off bags and headed off to get travel cards (I had pix!) and then The British Museum and we both had chicken pie with mushrooms Excellent. Then we ate Turkish food for the first time at Tas. Really good. V. had salmon and a vegetable dish with okra, I had minced chicken with couscous. Best couscous ever. Somehow got back to hotel and crashed.

Second day. Got up, tried to boil eggs. Water never boiled but eggs were sort of cooked. Kinda gave up on self-catering. Burned toast. So, hod did not get hot but toaster got very hot. Instant espresso quite good. Tesco bewildering (on first day). Went to the Chelsea Flower Show. Ate sandwiches at the Flower show (V: salmon sandwich, me tuna and avocado). Then the National Gallery. Then Cafe Rouge (see below for what we ate). Then went to the Tate Modern, which was fantastic (hiked to it). Then over the Millenium Bridge and not knowing Blackfriars was open, walked to Temple and finally back home. The idea was to get up the next morning and go to Leonardo.

Sunday, third day. Did get up in time for Leonardo after a restless night. Exhibit was mesmerizing. Saw Buckingham Palace and the guards with their truly silly walks. Ate at a French restaurant called CafĂ© Rouge, I had coq au vin (excellent) and V. had beef bourguignon – good but missing carrots and not enough garlic. Actually that was the day before. Instead we ate at the Kings Arms Pub, where I had my first English fish and chips and peas (meh) V had chicken pie again. He is now a huge fan of cider. He likes his pies. Hiked down towards Westminster, had to stop for espresso just to keep going. Then discovered buses! Asked the driver (with Westminster looming right near us) Does this bus go to Westminster? Yes, sir, he said. It was the next stop. So went to Wesminster which was closed except to those desiring to pray or worship, which we did desire, but when we went in, a rude man yelled at me to get out. So saw the little cloister and Big Ben and Parliament and all that. Lots of people about. Exhausted. Took a nap when we got home, regretted not getting sandwiches when we went to get shampoo, stumbled over to Dartmouth Castle and ate (I had a steak sandwich, it was okay, V. had V. had salmon cakes (he really liked them).

Monday, okay so we went to bed after our nap at around 11 pm and then woke up at 3 am for at least an hour, then went back to sleep and slept until 12:20! Ate remainder of steak sandwich for breakfast, with espresso and rushed off to Tower of London, where we had water. Met a really nice docent named Karen and got a private tour of the chapel. Saw Henry VIII’s armor and Edward I’s bedroom and a lot else Then got ourselves back to Hammersmith and ate at the Swan, where the food was really excellent. V had fish pie with two kinds of fish (cod and hadddock and prawns) and I had the best rib pie with mash. In love with mash.


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