Shopping can be exhausting, especially when the list of things you want to buy is rather long. Mine included everything from chocolates to tea towels, souvenir name items to action figures and, especially, jewelry.

I have wanted an artistic piece of jewelry for a decade or so, but invested in handbags and good shoes first. I knew from prior trips that Saint Germaine had the type of store I would be looking for, and I was going to be content with costume jewelry if nothing else spoke to me.

We went to dinner the other night at Au 35, on Rue Jacob, and saw lots of wonderful jewelry in the windows of the closed shops. One place in particular, the shop of John Agee, stood out in my mind and V. said that we had to come back. He has good taste in jewelry and looks at me way more than I look at myself, and I loved the art deco but modern feel to the pieces. I wanted several things I saw, but upon returning found that I was going to have to narrow my choices or give up doing any more shopping in Paris.

I also wanted chocolates and tea towels.


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